Instructions for NON-EU Students to enroll and get a STUDY visa

All the Non-Eu citizens requesting Visa, in order to enroll to an italian degree, must pre-enroll on the UNIVERSITALY Portal.

A pre-enrolment application is an online application allowing international students to be assessed well before the official Call for Applications is published.

The online application allows perspective students to upload their University or school diploma and transcript, as well as language certificates, reference letters, CV, portfolio, and any other document needed for their academic evaluation. Non-EU students are also required to apply for a study visa to enter Italy through UNIVERSITALY.IT.

Applicants will be asked to provide:

  • Passport
  • High School Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree
  • Language Certificate of Proficiency in Italian Language if in possession
  • Additional supporting documents (CV)

Requirements to enroll:

- Students applying for a Bachelor's degree must hold a high school diploma earned after at least 12 years of studies;

- Students applying for a Master's degree must hold at least a 3-year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in a relevant discipline.

Here are the main steps international students (NON-EU STUDENTS ONLY) have to follow to apply to one of our courses:

1. Complete the pre-enrolment applicationon the UNIVERSITALY portal:

- access the UNIVERSITALY portal and fill in the related “pre-enrolment request”,


- Upload the documentation required (The online application allows perspective students to upload their university or school diploma and transcript, as well as language certificates, reference letters, CV, portfolio, and any other document needed for their academic evaluation).

- Send confirmation by email that you have completed the pre-enrolment application to this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If the student is in the last year of secondary school and is about to take the final exam and/or is not yet in possession of Italian certification of proficiency, the University will indicate in the pre-enrolment request that it is “conditionally” accepted, and will indicate which are the requirements subordinate to the admission to the course. In this case, the University will give response of Pending Validation on the UNIVERSITALY portal.

For those students who have not an Italian proficiency level certification (at least a B2 level), the University will contact students for taking a language test of proficiency, that will be take remotely from their own Country.

The language test is mandatory.

Students will receive the result of the language test by a communication from the University, and the University will upload on the UNIVERSITALY portal the form “Modello D” that declares the language level.

Once students have received the validation of pre-enrolment (or a pending validation in case they don’t have an eligible language level yet) on the UNIVERSITALY portal they can apply for a study visa.

IMPORTANT: Please note that pre-enrolment validation does not give automatically the right to obtain the visa, but it is a necessary requirement for the Embassy of Italy in the foreign Country together with other requirements to issue the visa.

Pre-enrolment IS NOT a real enrolment yet. It means that students must first obtain the visa, then they can be admitted to our courses.

2. Apply for a study visa

 Non-EU students can submit their applications anytime (students are expected to come in Rome by mid-September or earlier, based on the University regulations).

Students must submit their pre-acceptance letter to the Italian Embassy/Consulate in their country of residence when applying for the study visa.  

3. Application

 Once students have obtained the visa, they can enroll to our courses.

Your Application will be complete once you have paid the registration fee.