The city of Rome

Rome, known as the Urbs or the Eternal City, is the capital of Italy and the administrative centre of Lazio Region. The city area consists of flat ground with low hills (including the famous seven hills), on either side of the river Tiber.

Among the most important of European capitals, Rome can also boast an unsurpassed artistic heritage that flourished from 200 BC to beyond the 1700’s. the city has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the entire historical centre, the Basilica of St Paul’s without the Walls, and the Aurelian walls.

As the heart of Catholic Christianity, Rome is the only city in the world to incorporate another state within its boundaries – the Vatican City. For this reason, it is often called the capital of two countries.
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Rome has a typically Mediterranean climate, mild and enjoyable especially in the spring and autumn, even if it frequently rains in April and November. In summer it can be very hot, and the nights can be quite humid, while winters are generally cold and dry. The city is however well ventilated by winds that blow from the southwest or from the north in winter. The rainiest months are November and December.
Spring is the best time to visit Rome; the temperatures are mild and the weather ideal for long walks through the streets and among the monuments of the city.

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