Cells and extracellular templates

Sabato, 22 Giugno 2019
  • Luogo dell'evento: ore 08.30 | The Polytechnic University of Milan
  • Indirizzo: Via Durando 38/A - Palazzina C - 3° Piano, Milano

1ST Seminar & Meeting (CET)

Nature’s principles into engineering practice: Strong Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The most efficaceous results of the first and second generation are reported in our previous international meetings (1990--2016) starting from the first and the second generation of biomaterials, suggesting inert prostheses in the beginning and successively the bioactive and biocompatible ones.
During the last years, partially readsorbable compositions were suggested thanks to chemical-physical actions on composites as compatible as possible with the living tissues.
Today, thanks to nanosciences and genetics it will be possible to carry out systematic studies on the nature of the living tissues with detailed information on the possibility to promote new materials (composites) thanks to cells of different specialization their reshaping when damaged and/or lost.
The meeting–seminar will move specifically in promoting templates able to host cells involving the "Strong Artificial Intelligence (SAI)" as the future bridge that will join together Physicists and Chemists, suggesting the best template, involving electric and electromagnetic language suitable to interpret and join a correct genetic activity.
A complete suggested project will be discussed with the participants to try to put together all the involved medical disciplines to understand as best as possible the evolution of our tissues during the aging.
Multidisciplinary is the new language of science of achieving results where the recent developments bring problems which need to be solved. Advanced laboratories equipment and patients’ sensors during examinations load big data in the analysis system; moreover these big data are now crossed with other big data coming from different analysis/approaches/tests/simulations. The exponential result is a very big quantity of data totally unmanageable without the help of Artificial Intelligence.


  • How Nature builds at all scales and how it repairs translating Nature's principles into engineering practice. Wide interest will be devoted to strong artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Nanomaterials inspired by Nature
  • Biomaterials-cells interactions
  • Nanomedicine
  • New strategy in materials science involving biophysics, biophotonics, quantum physics, chemistry and biology
  • Supporting genetic therapies involving prosthetic, pharmaceutical companies
  • Tissues regenerative strategy: gene activating materials, "in vivo" models translating regenerative biomaterials into clinical practice
  • Strong Artificial Intelligence (SAI), algorithms, bioelectric language
  • Implantable and external medical sensors
  • ROUND TABLES: Science, Industry and politics; Diagnostic for clinics; Nanomedicine
  • International project (to be promoted): "Therapeutic ions in scaffolds (Templates) for Tissues regeneration

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