Lattice boltzmann methods for complex simulations

Martedì, 12 Dicembre 2017
  • Luogo dell'evento: ore 9.30 | Aula IV - Università Niccolò Cusano
  • Indirizzo: Via don Carlo Gnocchi, 3 Roma

On behalf of the University of Rome Niccolò Cusano we are glad to invite you to the mini symposium on lattice Boltzmann methods for complex simulations, which will be held at the University of Rome Niccolò Cusano, in Rome on the 12th of December, 2017.
During last decades, lattice Boltzmann methods gained a primary role in fluid dynamic simulations for a large number of engineering applications.
The aim of this mini symposium is to give an insight on recent advances in computational fluid dynamics within the lattice Boltzmann framework.
Experiences from dierent research centers and universities will be collected in this occasion with the possibility to highlight all the critical aspects which arise in real system simulations.
Under the PRIN Research project n. 20154EHYW9: Combined numerical and experimental methodology for fluid-structure interaction in free surface flows under impulsive loading.

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