Lectures "Edilizia low cost/low tech"

Martedì, 31 Maggio 2016
  • Luogo dell'evento: 01.06.2016 | ore 16.30 | Aula IV
  • Indirizzo: Via Don Carlo Gnocchi, 3 – 00166 Roma

Una progettazione modulare e tecnologicamente semplice
nell'ambito del programma Erasmus+

Prof. Antonella Valitutti, Prof. Ilaria Cacciotti

Pratiche urbane e processi di autocostruzione
Prof. Antonella Valitutti
Università degli Studi di Roma “Niccolò Cusano", Dipartimento di Ingegneria

Traditional rural low-tech architecture of the Croatian part of Middle Europe
Prof. Sanja Lončar-Vicković
University of Osijek, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning

The main theme of this seminary is the presentation of traditional rural low-tech architecture of the Croatian part of Middle Europe and its re-development in an ecologically and economically viable society.
The rural landscape of the Pannonian plains has been existent since the 18th century and this lecture deals with its origin, history and current state. It shows various ways of building houses with dirt, mud or adobe brick and provides basic architectural information about the materials and techniques of construction and methods of rehabilitation.
This traditional landscape has been gradually disappearing but a process of developing rural and cultural tourism is currently ongoing in Croatia, with a tendency of reconstruction and rehabilitation of village areas and conversion of rural houses for new functions. Therefore, the lecture also opens discussion on potential advantages of traditional architecture in use of local, natural and easily available materials, minimum energy for production and transport, proven forms of construction for the region (porch for protection from the sun, longitudinal shape based on historical land plots) etc…

Sistemi modulari di assemblaggio a secco: il pannello home done
Dott.ssa Sara Scagliotti
Sapienza - Università di Roma

Scarica la locandina