OPTIMA – Technologies and new materials for intelligent manufacturing of functional and modular components for electric scooters - (english language version)

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Funding body: MISE – Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico, Bando "Fabbrica intelligente, Agrifood e Scienze della vita"
Scientific coordinator: Prof. Oliviero Giannini
Research Staff: Prof. Stefano Guarino, Ing. Gennaro Ponticelli
Project description:
The project OPTIMA aims to implement new technologies for the production, also by using innovative materials, of a modern modular frame, which performs structural and functional tasks, to be used for the construction of electric-powered scooters. The research will allow to identify the most innovative choices and therefore to design and build a frame aimed at maximum weight saving and with the ability to adapt to the different needs and specifications imposed by the manufacturer. In particular, it will be identified solutions to limit the difficulty in reconfiguring a frame once it has been designed and produced. This last aspect has inevitable repercussions in all subsequent redesign choices that, often, are an adaptation/compromise and not the optimal solution. Finally, the multi-functionality of the frame will allow to delegate many of the functions, currently performed by external and assembled elements, directly to the frame itself.

Targets: The project aims to create advanced and integrated technical solutions to make the design and manufacturing of electric scoters more competitive. In particular, innovative technologies and processes will be studied and developed to improve the performance of the scooter in terms of lightness, longevity and energy efficiency, thus improving the market competitiveness of the current two-wheeled electric mobility solutions. Finally, the project aims to develop a cloud that manages process information from different companies in the supply chain, also integrating it with the diagnostic data of the working components. This system will provide, both producers and designers, information useful for the continuous improvement of the product.

  • Advanced Technology Solutions SrL,
  • SAI (Servizi Ausiliari per l’industria e le comunità) SrL

Project contribution: € 651.212,50
Start date: 01.09.2020
End date: 28.02.2023