Cloaking Metasurfaces for a New Generation of Intelligent Antenna Systems (MANTLES) - (english language version)

Funding body: MIUR
Scientific Coordinator of the Unicusano unit: Prof. Alessio Monti

Project description: The recent advances in electromagnetic (EM) metamaterials are having a dramatic impact in radio & communication engineering. In this framework, invisibility cloaks are certainly one of the most exciting discoveries, opening the door to intriguing unprecedented possibilities. Building upon the cloaking ideas we have pioneered and developed, we propose a new generation of intelligent antenna systems equipped with unique functionalities, as well as suitable and innovative design methodologies and reconfiguration strategies.

Purpose: Advancing the current state-of-the-art of cloaking metasurfaces, achieved by breaking their passivity and reciprocity, we will demonstrate the following major breakthroughs:

  • making antennas invisible one to the other (with a dramatic impact in the design of dense radio platforms for terrestrial and satellite applications);
  • designing invisible sensors able to detect an external EM field without disclosing their presence (allowing an almost perfect resolution in imaging, sensing, measurement systems, and furtive sensing of the surrounding environment);
  • making antennas in fast motion radiating as they were at rest, annulling the Doppler effect (with dramatic impact in communications for fast moving platforms, such as trains, planes, etc.).

Results: Design of innovative antenna and radiating systems equipped with unprecedented functionalities.


  • ROMA TRE University,
  • University of TRENTO

Budget complessivo: 631.389 €
Budget Unicusano: 121.772 €
Starting date: January, 2020
Ending date: January, 2023