Smart Composite Structures - (english language version)

Ente erogante il finanziamento: MIUR - PRIN2015
Responsabile scientifico (dell’unità UNICUSANO): Prof. Riccardo Panciroli

Project Description: Overarching objective of this project is developing and characterizing innovative smart structures which can either serve as conductors, energy harvesters, or selectively modulate their shape (shape morphing) by combining innovative piezoelectric materials with SMAs to form a new class of smart structural composites.

Objectives: Final effort of this project is not only the development of innovative smart composite materials, but also the development of prototypal energy harvester and shape morphing structures to assess their effective smart capabilities. The proper development of such a technology involves a broad range of expertise. First, the development, optimization, and characterization of such smart composite materials. Second, the formulation of tools capable of predicting the complex thermo-electro-mechanical behaviour of the envisioned structures to aid the optimization of their design. Third, the development of mechatronic techniques for the autonomous implementation of the morphing process, which passes through the creation of a robust control policy capable of selectively actuate the morphing structure as a function of its application. The project aims developing such smart structures by integrating shape memory alloys and innovative piezoelectric nanofibers into a composite laminate at the production stage. The potential impact and importance of these goals on materials science, and for a wide spectrum of industrial applications, high-tech industry, and finally in actuating and sensing technology is indeed of extreme interest.


  • Università di Bologna,
  • Università della Calabria,
  • Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia,
  • Università di Parma

Financial support: Total nominal financial support € 618.000  (100.000 Euro Unicusano)
Start date: 07.02.2017
End date: 07.02.2020