Erasmus Plus Ka 107 - (english language version)

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Financing body: INDIRE (Istituto Nazionale di Documentazione Innovazione e Ricerca Educativa)
Local Scientific coordinator (UNICUSANO): Dr. Silvia Di Francesco, Dr. Arnaldo Pierleoni
Staff UniCusano: Laura Pecetta (Responsabile dell’ufficio relazioni internazionali)

Project description
This mobility program focuses on building a strong and wide scientific and didactic architecture on which it will be possible to provide capacity building activities and grant students with more learning experiences so that they may be immediately ready to study, understand and develop new and more efficient hydrological processes models and water resource management in a semi-arid and dry climate. These goals are not only focused and based on an academic preparation: Students will be trained also on professional and applicative topics; they will also complete their program taking into account new tools for rising public and social awareness on water resources management. The benefits that local or larger communities (at the Regional or even National scale) are evident especially now that the need to think of new management policies where the word sustainability should be taken really into consideration.
Moreover this cooperation aims, over a longer time, to the creation of a Joint Master Degree Program that has to combine all complementary knowledge brought in by the two Institutions. Special attention will be given in the field of water resources management in different climatic scenarios, which is becoming a very sensitive topic at any geographic scale.

Project Partners: Università di Yazd - Iran

Project Cost: 58081 Euro
INDIRE Research Grant:
58081 Euro
Start date:
1 august 2019
End date: 31 july 022