Hypnosis and Cognition: Neural Basis of Hypnotic Suggestion on Executive Functions and Perceptual Awareness - (english language version)

PROG EU ipnosi Perri


Grant: The project is funded by an international grant provided by BIAL Foundation (No. 101/18)
Principal Investigator
Dott. Rinaldo L. Perri

Project description
The present project is aimed at clarifying the relationship between hypnotic suggestions and executive functions through electroencephalographic (EEG) analysis. We intend to test the efficacy of the posthypnotic suggestion in reducing the level of conflict when inhibiting an automatized process such as the reading: for this purpose, the Stroop effect represents a “gold standard”. In particular, across different sessions, we provide hypnotic suggestions that might affect the early graphemic analysis of the words (perceptual suggestion) or the late semantic integration (semantic suggestion). The two suggestions are expected to produce specific event-related potential (ERP) alterations in the early or late stages of post-stimulus processing, while both suggestions may reduce the intensity of the frontal activities before the stimulus, reflecting a reduced cognitive effort in the task execution (e.g., Perri and Di Russo, 2017). One of the most innovative aspect of this project consists also in the opportunity to adopt the ERPs for investigating the fast succession of activities from the anterior insula (aIns) (see e.g., Perri et al., 2018a,b, 2019), whose activity has been associated to hypnotic state (for a review see Vanhaudenhuyse et al., 2014) such as sensory alterations induced by hypnotic suggestions (Perri et al., under review). Further innovations are the use multiple neural source analysis methods (also adopting fMRI-seeded approaches), and the recruitment of “medium hypnotizable”: this will make findings representative of the neurocognitive hallmarks of the majority of the general population.


  • Università di Roma “Foro Italico”
  • Università di Padova

Start date: 1 Marzo 2019
End date: 30 Luglio 2020