Accession Process to the EU: History and Current State of Negotiations with Turkey

Giovedì, 12 Maggio 2022
  • Luogo dell'evento: Aula G
  • Indirizzo: Unicusano, via don Carlo Gnocchi 3 - 00166 - Roma

Relatore: Prof. Ebru Akduman (University of Economics in İzmir, Turkey)
Data: 12/05/2022, ore 9.30
Descrizione: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ebru Akduman will give a seminar at our University titled “Accession Process to the EU: History and Current State of Negotiations with Turkey” within the Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility. Professor Akduman had completed her LL.M. in “International and European Union Law” at Vrije Universiteit Faculty of Law, Brussel, Belgium and currently, she is teaching at the Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Law, Turkey. She will start her seminar with an introduction and outline of the accession process to the EU. She will mainly cover issues concerning Turkey which is one of the first countries, in 1959, to seek close cooperation with the European Economic Community then. Among the topics she will discuss: obstacles to the progress in the accession negotiations of Turkey, realization of the Customs Union and freedom of movement as foreseen in the Association Agreement signed with the EU; Turkey’s key role on essential areas of joint interest such as migration, counter-terrorism, economy, trade, energy and transport are emphasized.
The event, which is part of a cycle of seminars dedicated to the Balkan Region in the framework of European integration, organized by Prof.
Valentina Ranaldi of EU Law, aims to take stock of Turkey's accession to the European Union by adopting the privileged point of view of those who, like Prof. Ebru Akduman, have been studying the phenomenon for years from within a Country candidate for accession.