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The learning process (On line lessons and “Face to face” contacts)

Niccolò Cusano University was founded on the conviction that “the way young people are learning is changing”, and this idea lies behind our constant attention to innovation in teaching methods.
We combine high-quality traditional teaching with new e-learning methods; while applying ourselves significantly to distance learning, we at Unicusano also pay particular attention to face-to-face classroom teaching, and students can explore these two different teaching environments according to their own particular requirements.
We have adopted this modern solution of a mixture of physical and virtual learning experiences not only to spread knowledge in a way best suited to the younger generation, but also to give our students an ‘on-line’ expertise which can be of great use to them in finding a professional position once they have graduated .

On line lessons

The great versatility of Unicusano means that for each subject, students can access all their lessons on the University platform.
Our students receive a password allowing them to access their own multimedia platform, where they can follow all the lessons , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week any time they want.
Lessons consist of:

  • videos, in which the teacher explains the subject
  • video conferences according to a pre-established timetable
  • downloadable slides and class-notes
  • self-evaluation tests

Students’ attendance at lessons is tracked on the on-line platform, and it is taken into consideration during the examinations. Students can also use forums, chat-rooms and e-mail to interact with teachers, tutors and other students, in order to ask for explanations and to go into the contents of lessons in more detail.

“Face to face” contacts

The above –mentioned distance learning activities are integrated with traditional face to face lessons. Every day, following a fixed timetable, face-to-face lessons are held on the campus, which means that students have a regular contact with their teachers.
All the classrooms are equipped with central heating and air-conditioning, besides Interactive Whiteboards, and where required, there are also rooms with computers, LCD monitors, video projectors, video recorders, DVD and television.

The relationship between the students and the teachers and with the university itself has always played a central role, and from the beginning, we have provided students with their own TUTORS ; these are staff members whose function is to provide close contact with the university, to respond to the students’ needs and to give them active support in their course of study.

Face-to-face lessons calendar

Students should take note that lessons are held according to a calendar and timetable for each course of study at the central campus: UNICUSANO Via Don Carlo Gnocchi 3. Rome.
Students are advised to consult the link ‘Unicusano notices’ on the platform to check for any variations in the lesson timetables.
The face-to-face lessons take place every week, they consist of additional in-depth coverage of specific areas, which the teacher introduces at the start of the course. Each lesson will deal with specific points connected with the course exam programme. In addition, the on-line videoconferences enable our teachers to respond to any particular needs or problems of their students. During the conferencing period, students can ask questions about exams or receive explanations of any difficult or important points from the teacher. Students can access and follow the videoconference lessons directly by going to the relevant section on their course platform and entering their credentials.



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