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Study abroad in Rome

Join our international and multicultural community of around 43,000 students to build a top career. You’ll learn with a flexible and modern approach while learning a new language and culture in the hearth of Europe, facing opportunities and challenges with impact around the world.



About us

For our students wishing to come and study with us in Rome, we offer face to face lessons within the University Campus, over 16.000 square meters situated in a six-hectare park, and equipped with modern facilities, where you can live and learn outside your comfort zone, and invest in realizing your goals. UNICUSANO is able to offer a wide selection of courses to students who want an exclusive education and life experience in the heart of culture and tradition of Italy, with a modern approach to university. Whether you are seeking to enroll in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Italy, you will find a wide range of courses that will surely fit your educational needs and personal expectations.


Our educational offer of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees is formed by several disciplines, including Classical Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Communication Strategies and Social Media Studies, Business and Management, Political Science and International Relations, Engineering, Law, Sociology, Sports Science. International Students will feel instantly at home in our Campus that offers a rich number of services and extensive facilities, including modern laboratories that are equipped with cutting edge technology, a radio, a TV and a publishing house, a gym, a library, a residence and a bus shuttle that allows students to easily reach the city centre. You will study with a new approach thanks to our e-learning platform, and you can challenge your way of thinking thanks to our internships programs that will put you in contact with Italian companies of international prestige and small realities, where you will be able to gain experience in contact with Italian tradition and history.


Living and studying in Rome will enable students to enrich their educational approach with a firsthand experience with an international environment, unique artistic treasures, traditions and working practices associated with the people and history of Italy. The courses at Unicusano are taught in Italian, so students can have the possibility to learn a new language and enrich their professional competence. You will get a high-impact experience for your future.


Learn Italian

We will offer support to learn the language through our courses for all levels specially designed for international students. Italian courses will take place before the start of your studies so you can rapidly understand the essentials of the language and be ready for your academic studies.