Visa - Unicusano


Documents and procedure to enter into Italy for Non-EU citizens


For students whom the pre-enrolment request received within the UNIVERSITALY portal has been validate or validate “under condition”, the Italian Embassy/Consulate in their country of residency will issue, having completed their checks, a “D” type STUDY visa for “University Enrolment.”


An entry visa is the authorization which allows you to enter Italy. After arrival, the Residency Permit (‘Permesso di Soggiorno’) will allow you to stay (‘soggiornare’).


Once you have completed your pre-enrolment request on the UNIVERSITALY portal, you will receive a notice by the University when your application will be validated on the web portal; you will find your digitally validated pre-enrolment request (the summary, in pdf format), by accessing with your credentials, at the bottom of your page. Please print your summery as you will need it for your VISA application. Always start these procedures well in advance of your planned visit to Italy and make sure to review the Embassy website for information before you visit the visa office.


Necessary documents to request a study visa:

For all details about obtening a visa for Italy:


What to do upon arrival in Italy?

Within eight working days of arrival in Italy on a type D “national” visa for STUDY, the candidates must forward a request for a residency permit for STUDY to the police headquarters responsible for the city where they intend to establish their residence. The request may be presented to Post Offices. At the moment of presentation of the request for a residency permit, the foreigner will be identified and must pay the relative costs. At the time of presentation of the dossier at the post office, the student will receive an invitation of summons which specifies the date when he/she must appear at the specific offices of the police headquarters, together with photographs to undergo the photographic and fingerprinting procedures. The Post Office produces a receipt of the delivery of a request for a residency permit which is equivalent to the receipt of the presentation of the dossier produced by the Police Headquarters and which, moreover, functions as proof of the authorized presence in Italy