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Italian language proficiency

It is mandatory for the University to verify the proficiency level in the Italian for Non-EU candidates who require entry visas to Italy for long-term stays intending to enroll in a Degree program in Italian language.

Candidates who demonstrate possession of a certificate of competence in Italian which is no lower than level B2 of the Council of Europe as issued under the CLIQ quality system, who upload this certification among the documents required for pre-enrolment on the UNIVERSITALY Portal, will be exempted from the verification of knowledge of the Italian language.

Candidates who do not hold any certification must take an Italian Language Proficiency Test remotely to complete the pre-enrolment procedure.


The results of the test will be sent to the email address of each candidate and the University will upload on the UNIVERSITALY portal the form “Modello D” that declares the language level.


Candidates who have not obtained a B2 level in the test can still enroll “under condition” and take a PLIDA Certification before or during the first year.

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