Why choose Unicusano

  1. Because you are able to receive a university education everywhere at times of your own choosing. With our distance, students can access all their lessons on line, thus avoiding travelling time and optimising their study time. They are also continually assisted by tutors, who are expert guides helping students to plan their studies and providing them with psychological support until they take their degree.
  2. Because exams can be taken every months at Unicusano Campus in Rome and a lot of Town all over Italy.
  3. Because enrolments are open all year round.
  4. Because you will always be our best guest at your university campus in Rome Students can also follow lessons face to face in classroom at our central campus in Rome. Here they will find a full-scale university set-up with ample facilities (classrooms, laboratories, libraries) where they can engage in research, and which also provides assistance and opportunities for relaxation and socialising - the bar, canteen and sports facilities. We can research, but also the means to enjoy living in a community.