Extra-curricular activities

The park-like setting of the university's main campus and the youthful age of our students make it an ideal environment for recreational activities.

The Niccolò Cusano University Foundation for Medical Research
As a consequence of Unicusano university's goal of carrying out scientific research to find answers to questions for the general benefit of humanity, we also field research in medicine, and our commitment and dedication to this sphere of activity has led to the establishment of the Niccolò Cusano University Foundation for Medical Research.
For further information: www.fondazioneniccolocusano.it

Radio Cusano campus
Radio Cusano Campus is the talk radio of "Niccolò Cusano University" where culture, insights and current affairs play the starring role of the schedule.
Radio Cusano Campus is a radio broadcasting live fifteen hours a day from the campus of "Niccolò Cusano University" in Rome.
Its programming ranges from literature, history, domestic and international affairs to economics, medicine, psychology, education and research, cinema and law with an average of thirty daily interviews.

Radio Campus Cusano is tuned on 89,100 FM Station in Rome and Lazio or free available for audio streaming at www.radiocusanocampus.it.
More than a thousand news releases were picked up by important press agencies from interviews and services made to the radio of the University last season.

The editorial project was designed and implemented thanks to a professional news and technical staff of the highest level. Thanks to the support of the leading figures of the academic community, politics, communications and scientific world who enthusiastically expressed their views in the various programs of Radio Cusano Campus and the participation of teachers and students of the University, the radio has quickly become the reference talk radio for those who enjoy having in-depth knowledge of the political, cultural and scientific events of our country. Radio Cusano Campus has been offering an exciting line-up of new programs beginning the Monday, August 31, from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm. Over the weekend many new programs are centered in cinema, the comic book world, food and wine culture, football history and, in addition, the radio is also home to amateur football as well as news and commentaries of the matches of Unicusano- Fondi Football Club.

The university has set up the publishing house Edicusano as an adjunct to its regular teaching activities, with two objectives in mind: to publish materials addressed to the students enrolled in our degree courses, and also to present new ideas, new initiatives and fruits of research developed by the teachers, researchers and students of the university. www.edicusano.it

Unicusano TAG 24: on-line newspaper
Unicusano TAG 24 is a lively, up-to-date on-line information service, providing its readers with real-time news on current events, politics, sports and entertainment, both in Italy and beyond. Besides this, it allows Unicusano students their say with a 'column' all their own where they can express their views and opinions. www.tag24.it

Web tv
Unicusano web TV is where you can find videos about the university and the people who belong to it: events, inaugurations, conferences, educational initiatives and other facets of life on campus.

Brand channel
YOUcusano (www.youtube.com/youcusano) is the university's brand channel on youtube. The videos are a guide to our degree courses, masters degrees and university services, as well as providing a window on events and people in the news – another way of getting to know us better.

The Ateneoverde.it Portal
Niccolò Cusano University has set up the portal Ateneoverde.it which contains our sustainability programme. It aim is to encourage environment-friendly behaviour by creating projects and activities designed to make sustainability a form of lifestyle.

Ateneoverde.it is a site which offers you the opportunity to lead a 'green lifestyle'. It contains practical advice and useful ideas to enable you to become an environment-friendly consumer, and includes information on green events, activities and workshops taking place throughout the country. Its aim is to give anyone who is interested in gaining more information on protecting the environment the chance to get in touch, face to face, with the experts in the subject. www.ateneoverde.it/en

Unicusano Ternana Football
The Niccolò Cusano University is the first Italian university which bought a football team: the Unicusano- Fondi football team (the team of the Italian country of Lazio) .
After winning the Serie D Italian Cup and the play-off with Fondi, and after achieving important results in the Lega Pro, Niccolò Cusano University's venture into the world of sport takes a new step forward: the town of Terni and its renowned football team Ternana are about embark upon a new exciting season in Serie B.
The football team  joins forces with scientific research, pressing into service the Italian passion for football to sponsor and champion the important work being carried out by Italian researchers and all those battling daily with voluntary work against disease.

Bearing this goal in mind, University started a partnership with one of the most popular sport newspapers in Italy, Il Corriere dello Sport, which daily dedicates a page to the sport and health research project of the University. This page deals with the sport challenges of the Unicusano-Ternana team as well as the health research and experiences of families and associations that fight against diseases.

Our collaboration with Il Corriere dello Sport allows us to tell all kinds of untold stories about both medical advances and also the world of sport and disability. With a great town like Terni, with the great devotion of the Ternana fans and the commitment of Unicusano, the next season looks set to be an exciting and impressive one for sport, education and scientific research.

"Unicusano Focus": a weekly magazine for scientific and medical research
In line with Niccolò Cusano University's support for biomedical research,as from November 10, 2015, a new weekly news-sheet called 'Unicusano Focus: Sport and Scientific Research' will appear every Tuesday as a free insert inside the newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

Major issues here in Italy include the importance of scientific research, the quality of life and the need to support people with disabilities. Niccolò Cusano University has decided to describe, encourage and champion such people through the readers of the news-sheet, relating the stories of families who are struggling with illnesses and the problems of disability, and what is being done for them by researchers and laboratories, generally unknown to the average person, but now brought into focus by the collaboration between Cusano and Corriere dello Sport. Niccolò Cusano University is therefore, along with the staff of Radio Cusano Campus, in the forefront of this important initiative, with the active support of all the teachers and researchers of the university.

Unicusano Lab: Mens, Ingenii, Verbum
A double page of news, called 'Unicusano Lab: Mens, Ingenii, Verbum' as from November 2015, is included every month in Auto Sprint and Moto Sprint. Fans of cars and motorbikes can discover the wonders of Engineering Research applied to these forms of transport. Items include current ideas and research projects, and those men and women of all ages whose lives have been changed for the better thanks to sport. Also, we take a look at the lives of people with disabilities and the wonderful volunteers who help them, as well as the work of companies who improve their lives with their products and technologies.

UNICUSANO UP health and diet
UNICUSANO UP health and diet is the Niccolò Cusano University magazine dedicated to diet, sport and a healthy lifestyle.
The magazine will be published every fourth Sunday of the month as an insert in the national newspaper Corriere dello Sport (the first issue will be on the newsstands Sunday January 31); as you know, every Tuesday it already hosts Unicusano Focus, our weekly newssheet on research, sport and disability.
Every month, Unicusano Up Magazine will help you look after yourself by adopting a correct diet and physical exercise. Space will also be given to interesting research projects, interviews with professional and amateur athletes, and to advice from experts, doctors and researchers.

Unicusano Aurelia Swimming team
Goggles and cap on head, and eyes fixed on that rectangle of blue water: we're talking about swimming, a sport for all ages, from babies to the elderly; a healthy activity by definition. Niccolò Cusano University has branched out into another sport as well as football, and has stretched out a hand to a famous Roman team which in 2016 has been in business for forty years, and is now the Unicusano Aurelia Swimming team. This is a combination that has the best of both – a sport that involves physical and mental effort to achieve results, and a university that is a hub of culture and teaching, and is passionately involved in education and research. Knowledge leads to personal emancipation, just like swimming
"Commitment is essential, since otherwise no result can be achieved; this does not mean breaking records, but simply improving your performance". (Massimiliano Rosolino)