University Research

Niccolò Cusano is a centre for scientific study devoted to education, medical research and environment-friendly technology.

The University gives wide scope to research activities which are the lifeblood of an academic institution and which are essential to its future development. Ever since its foundation, the university has committed itself to improving its research activities, and has now reached a high level of excellence in the fields of Engineering and Medical Science.

This can be seen in our recent subscription to the EBSCO Data Bank and the opening on campus of research laboratories for engineering and medical science that are equipped with cutting-edge technology. We are also committed to the internationalisation of research, and have created facilities to access research activities at a European and international level, thus making a valuable addition to our standard university research programme.

Research in Engineering

Our new Engineering Faculty Research Laboratory is located on Campus, and is an essential educational tool for our students who wish to pursue a career in engineering. The laboratory facilities can be also accessed on-line by students living in other parts of the country.

Students can use the laboratory as a learning aid or for experiments connected with their degree thesis; a teacher is always present to lend assistance and supervise students’ projects. The laboratory is equipped with machinery for carrying out applied research and the faculty collaborates with industries which are interested in innovation and improving their competitiveness. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities can be used for different research purposes simultaneously, and we are constantly updating them in line with other European research centres and industrial partners.

The University’s objective is to have a laboratory that is capable of breaking new ground in engineering research.

Biomedical Research

Long Q-T Syndrome
The Foundation for Scientific and Medical Research of Niccolò Cusano University is dedicated to medical and diagnostic research into rare diseases and their cure.
Since July 2012 the Foundation has supported and funded research into Long Q-T syndrome at Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome. This syndrome is a genetic arrhythmic heart dysfunction which manifests itself in a lengthening of the Q-T interval (ventricular re-polarisation) on an electrocardiogram, which can lead to arrhythmic states that are potentially life-threatening.
So far a total of fourteen genes have been identified as contributing to the disorder.
The aim of  researchers is to modify the genes responsible for LQTS and thus provide a cure for the disease.
The Foundation has set up a medical research centre on the Rome campus, with a laboratory for biomedical research, and has made large-scale investments in human resources and state-of-the-art technology.

A Football team for scientific research
Using football, the most popular sport in Italy, the Unicusano wants to inform and raise awareness on the importance of scientific research , so the Unicusano bought the football team called FONDI  (the team of the Italian country of Lazio) to serve as the spokesman of scientific research, hence, the FONDI Unicusano Football is the official  team of Scientific Research.
Unicusano every day of the week from November 1st , 2014, devotes a page of one of the most popular Italian newspapers of Sport  “Corriere dello Sport”  to the fight against disease.

National and International Research Projects

Niccolò Cusano University has now an Office for National and International Research Projects, which provides advice, technical assistance, monitoring and assessment for all research projects undertaken by teachers and researchers.
The primary aim of this office is to encourage them to take part in competitive public examinations announced by the Ministry of Education and also those set by the European Union and international organisations.
The Office coordinates, analyses and checks all the information related to such competitions and lends support to the university’s research projects, by compiling programme guides, call for proposals, and the transfer and re-working of data.

For information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.