Student information and orientation services - Unicusano

Student information and orientation services

1.1 Student Information and Orientation Services
It is an information and orientation service dedicated to international students who wish to study at Unicusano. The office is run by both staff and students, including international students.
All staff members speak English as well as another foreign language.
The office provides information and advice on:

  1. how to enroll;
  2. location and opening hours of various university offices and services;
  3. how to use the on-line web platform;
  4. student procedures such as course transfers, etc.;
  5. services and cultural initiatives at the university.

1.2 Career Office
Internships and Job Placement Services runs an internship and job search portal which brings together all of the employment service networks used by public institutions (Ministry of Employment, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Latium Region, Province of Rome, Rome City Council) in collaboration with the main work placement agencies that work with university students. The service aims to help students find relevant internship and work opportunities.
Students can:

  1. register their personal information and create and publish their curriculum vitae;
  2. look for job offers or internships that fit their profile and apply on-line.