Life on Campus

University life at our Campus is a great experience: each day students can enjoy a lively university environment of study periods, lectures, conferences, extra-curricular activities, as well as interpersonal contacts with teachers and other students that allow them to widen their personal, cultural and professional horizons.
At Campus students enjoy:

109 room student residence inside the Campus

A student accommodation facility for students of the university, is on the main campus at Via don Carlo Gnocchi, 3 Rome. The facility consists of 109 bedrooms in double or triple rooms. Each room has an ensuite bathroom.
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University canteen and a coffee bar

On campus we provide facilities such as a bar and canteen for students and visitors. The canteen offers a wide range of dishes, freshly cooked and prepared, and with attention paid to quality. Students can enjoy a three-course lunch at special reduced price.

Free shuttle service

There is a regular free shuttle bus service between the campus and the nearest underground station on Metro Line A, Battistini.

Equipped gym and outdoor sports fields

Our extra-curricular and sports facilities take advantage of the opportunities offered by the marvellous natural surroundings of the university. These green spaces and our fully equipped gym make the campus an ideal place for anyone who favours the idea of "mens sana in corpore sano".

6 hectare green park

The Campus of Unicusano is next door to the Monte Mario Nature Reserve, and also surrounded by a large swathe of parkland (six hectares of grounds) which is used by our students as a green space in which to relax, filled with pine and fir trees, as well as the olive grove and organic vegetable garden that supply our 'green' campus canteen.

Tutoring and services

Throughout our students' entire course of study, they can rely on the continual assistance of their Tutors. The Tutor is an expert guide who helps students to plan their studies and deals with administrative questions, and gives them psychological support until they take their degree. The Tutor works in close contacts with the students and he aims at creating a collaborative environment by providing direct support for the student both on line and in "face to face" situations. The Tutor acts as a consultant and guide who "plans" the students' learning experience. His tasks include: to identify study problems and finding eventual solutions; to instill specific study skills and improving learning capacity; to give objective and constructive feedback on the results of the learning process; to instill a spirit of cooperation among students (functioning in this way as a mediator).


Our reading rooms on campus are spaces set aside for self-study, where students can do research by wi-fi connection or by consulting the wide variety of reading material available in the university library; They are also spaces where students can interact with one another and exchange ideas and knowledge. 
International students have access to the Unicusano library.
The on-line library catalogue is available at Unicusano's large collection of library resources and traditional services are supplemented by innovative services that allow the university community to access on-line databases, journals and e-books.

If you have been a resident of Rome for more than three months, you can become a member of Rome's public library network: Biblioteche di Roma. Membership allows you to access all of Rome's public libraries from which you can borrow books, DVDs, use the Internet and enjoy the vast private study areas. In order to apply for membership, you must show your proof of residence in Rome, proof of enrolment and photo ID.

There is a website of online catalogue of Rome Public Library. On the English version of the website, you can see the “selected libraries n/67” part. When you choose "Biblioteca Ferdinando Catapano - Università Niccolò Cusano" which is in 11th line on the list, you can check all the sources of our university.
Opening time: Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 1:00 pm | 15:00 pm - 17:00 pm

International Welcome Office

The International Relations Office manages external realations, mobility programmes, all activities focused on projecting and promoting cooperation and coordination among Unicusano learning areas and within international partnerships. The aims of the International Relations Office are to:

  • develop and strengthen Unicusano's international relations;
  • effectively consolidate the existing relations and exchanges by implementing collaboration with national and international organizations in the areas of culture, science, training and development;
  • contribute to the academic, social and cultural projection of the Niccolò Cusano University and of its social and geographical structure at the local, national and international level;
  • promote and disseminate projects' innovative outputs and results;
  • promote programmes at the international level for university training, cooperation, research, mobility of student e staff.

More info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Two university radio stations and Web tv

"RADIO CUSANO CAMPUS", this radio station, run by the university, is among the most popular in Rome and the Lazio region. Our students, tutors and teachers appear regularly on programmes and help to strengthen the sense of 'belonging' to a modern, lively university environment. www.radiocusanocampus .it

University on-line newspaper

UNICUSANO TAG24 is a lively, up-to-date on-line information service, providing its readers with real-time news on current events, politics, sports and entertainment, both in Italy and beyond. Besides this, it allows Unicusano students their say with a 'column' all their own where they can express their views and opinions.

Cultural activities such as: conferences, cinema, theatre, literature and music

Cultural activities such as: conferences, cinema, theatre, literature and music

Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)

Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) are sophisticated state-of-the- art digital tools on which teachers, while teaching classroom lessons, can combine traditional board use with multimedia functions involving students at a distance.

Access to the wireless network

You can use the campus Wi-Fi by selecting "Unicusano" from the available wireless networks. When you open your Internet browser you will have to register with a username and password. International students (undergraduate and postgraduate) can access the network by using their enrolment identification number (matricola) as a username and their password.