List of Teaching
General Curriculum class LM-29
Master's degree in Electronic Engineering
First year
Microelectronics ING-INF/01 9
Electrical and Electronic measurements ING-INF/07 9
Sensors and Transducers ING-IND/12 9
Microwave engineering ING-INF/02 6
Biomedical Electronics ING-INF/06 9
Programmable Electronic Systems ING-INF/01 6
Elective Module I   6
Elective Module II   6
Total ECTS   60
Second year
Fundamentals of Telecommunications ING-INF/03 9
Antenna theory and design ING-INF/02 9
Solid State Electronics ING-INF/01 9
Fundamentals of Electronics Applications and Analysis ING-INF/01 9
Microwave Systems and Components ING-INF/02 6
Internship   6
Final exam   12
Total ECTS   60