List of Teaching
Production Management Curriculum class LM-33
Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering
First year
Sensors and Transducers ING-IND/12 9
Mechanical plants ING-IND/17 9
Applied Mechanics II ING-IND/13 9
Machinery design ING-IND/14  9
Sustainable energy technologies ING-IND/09 9
Industrial plants management ING-IND/17 9
Elective module   6
Total ECTS   60
Second year
Special technology ING-IND/16 9
Innovation and project management ING-IND/35 9
Mechanical system management and maintanence ING-IND/08 9
Technology of product cycle SECS-P/13 9
Elective module   6
Internship   6
Final exam   12
Total ECTS   60