List of teaching
Occupational and Organisational Psychology Curriculum class LM-51
Master's degree in Psychology
First year
Neuropsychology M-PSI/02 9
Cognitive Psychology M-PSI/01 9
Psychology of Mnemonic and Motivational processes M-PSI/01 9
Research Methods II (Research Methods and data analysis) M-PSI/03 6
Psycho-diagnostics M-PSI/07 9
Elective Module   9
Corporate Structure SECS-P/10 9
Total ECTS    
Second year
Social Psychology: Group Dynamics M-PSI/07 9
Health Psychology (Advanced) M-PSI/08 9
Cognitive development psychology and social cognition M-PSI/04 6
Sociology of Economic and Labour Processes SPS/09 6
Organizational Psychology M-PSI/06 9
Ethics and Deontology Lab   3
Internship   6
Final Exam   12
Total ECTS   60


How to Choose an Elective Module

It is possible for the student to choose among all the courses of the master degrees programmes of our University, as long as they are worth at least 9 credits.
To choose an Elective Module, students are required to send a request by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.