Cost of living

Cost of accomodation at University Campus
For stays of more than one night, and up to 6 consecutive nights: € 39.00 (€ thirty-nine) per person.
Up to a maximum of 13 consecutive nights: € 78.00 (€ seventy-eight) per person.
For stay  only one night : € 33.00 (€ thirty-three) per person.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the university canteen
Breakfast € 1.00
Lunch € 5.00
Dinner € 5.00

Public transport
The university offers for free the shuttle bus service between the campus and the nearest underground station on Metro Line A, Battistini.

90% of our textbooks are available on line

a ticket costs about 8,00 €.

Theatre and Concerts
the average cost is between 15 and 20 €, but our students can have free or reduced tickets, when available, under University Conventions