Study Programme Course L-9 Mechanics - Unicusano

Study Programme Course L-9 Mechanics

List of Teaching
Mechanical Engineering curriculum class L-9
Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering

EXAM SSD Credits
First Year
Introduction to Calculus MAT/03 6
Geometry MAT/03 9
Calculus I MAT/05 9
Chemistry CHIM/03 9
Physics FIS/01 9
English   6
Calculus II MAT/05 6
Computing for engineers  INF/01 6
Total ECTS   60
Second year
Industrial Design ING-IND/15 6
Applied Thermodynamics ING-IND/08 9
Industrial Plants ING-IND/17 6
Basics of mechanics of solids and structures ICAR/08 6
Applied Mechanics ING-IND/13 9
Electrotechnics ING-IND/31 9
Mechanical Technology ING-IND/16 9
Elective course   6
Total ECTS   60
Third Year
Machine Design Elements ING-IND/14 9
Machinery ING-IND/09 9
Elements of Fluid Dynamics ING-IND/06 9
Systems of Energy and Environment ING-IND/09 9
Science and Technology of Materials ING-IND/22 9
Elective course   6
Internship   6
Final exam   3
Total ECTS   60