CYBER-PHYSICAL ELECTROMAGNETIC VISION: Context-Aware Electromagnetic Sensing and Smart Reaction - (english language version)

Funding body: MIUR
Scientific Coordinator (research unit): Prof. Mirko Barbuto (

Project description: Cyber-physical systems are advanced engineering frameworks where sensing and intelligent systems compenetrate advanced actuator hardware to obtain systems that can act, sense, learn and re-adjust. A key element of all cyber-physical systems is the “awareness” level: the capacity acting, understanding, interacting and reacting with the surroundings. Although some strategies to inject intelligence in EM systems can be found, their capacity of interact among themselves in fluid and compenetrated way is still away from grasp and an elusive goal, considered by many a major open problem and a holy grail of the discipline. This proposal’s goal is to tackle this challenge. Our major goal is to substantially raise the awareness of EM systems by a primal artificial intelligence which will learn from the environment and, re-calling a dual intelligent system which will invoke a new generation of real-time forward predictors, finally adjust the electromagnetic hardware platform. The overall strategy is based on a new interlaced couple of intelligent loops, which will form a unique and deeply innovative way of conceiving, designing and building electromagnetic sensing structures. This aware way of EM sensing will be legitimately called vision, an EMvision.

Purpose: The objective of the EMvisioning project is the development of an innovative electromagnetic (EM) system characterized by an hardware/software platform able to integrate and seamlessly execute the fundamental operations of a CPS devoted to the environmental sensing and reconstruction (i.e., ‘vision’) of the scenario, as well as, to the reconfiguration of the sensing interface by means of artificial intelligence (AI). Examples of applicative frameworks in which CPS are expected to play a fundamental role in the near future are related to the autonomous driving, robotics, industry 4.0, indoor navigation, biomedical theranostics, and security.

Results: With the development of the EMvisioning Project, the 4 Research Units (RU) involved in the research activities are intended to the achievement of ambitious advances in the state-of-the-art knowledge in the following four Applied-Electromagnetics sectors:

  1. sensor design and reconfiguration;
  2. hardware platform modeling and actuation;
  3. forward accelerated modeling and simulation;
  4. real-time EM inverse scattering and vision.

Partnership: Università degli Studi di Trento, Politecnico di Torino, Università degli Studi “Mediterranea” di Reggio Calabria

Budget: 424.434 Euro (Cusano: 93.941 Euro)
Starting date: 27.01.2020
Ending date: 27.01.2023

PRIN Barbuto