New Level of Integrated TEchniques for Daylighting education - (english language version)



Grant:strong> Erasmus+ Strategic partnerships for Higher Education Institutions - project number: 2020-1-IT02-KA203-079527

Unicusano Principal Investigator: Prof. Oliviero Giannini

Staff: Ing. Federica Giuliani

Project description: The NLITED (New Level of Integrated TEchniques for Daylighting education) project offers an advanced training programme for specialist skills in the field of natural lighting, both for university students and construction professionals.
The project is based on modular online teaching on a dedicated platform, associated with a summer school. The ePlatform will contain theoretical knowledge, while the summer school will offer in-depth applied training.
Topics will range from the history of daylight in architecture to daylighting design, from environmental comfort aspects (visual and thermal) to non-visual components of light, from parametric simulation systems of indoor lighting conditions to energy saving calculations, from the design of the transparent building envelope to components for the transport of indoor natural light.

Purpose: Address skills shortages and skills mismatches through innovative digital practices also with a view to making better use of environmental resources.

Results: Innovative educational model capable of integrating various aspects of a multidisciplinary topic such daylight is. The platform will be used by students and professionals from all over Europe.

Partnership: The project is proposed by Unicusano (Lead Partner) in association with Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Denmark), Politechnika Gdańska (Poland), Lunds Universitet (Sweden). There is also a network of associated partners in all four countries involved.

Budget: 449.932,00 €
Starting date: 1st September 2020
Ending date: 31st August 2023