PAINT-IT - A new environment-friendly manufacturing approach for marine antifouling coating - (english language version)

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Grant: EU LIFE Program
UNICUSANO Principal Investigator: Prof. Stefano Guarino
Staff: prof. Lidia Lombardi, prof. Ilaria Cacciotti, prof. Fabrizio Patanè

Project Description
The objective of the LIFE Paint-it project is to demonstrate a new manufacturing process at the pre-industrial scale capable of producing safe and innovative high-quality anti-fouling paints for naval applications. The project intends to completely eliminate the use of biocides in favour of a physical anti-fouling mode of action, instead of chemical action, with positive environmental benefits for the marine environment. The project will also avoid a large amount of toxic anti-fouling paint residues and wastes that are generated during the ship repairing and dismantling processes.
In addition, LIFE Paint-it will support specific objectives for water set out in the Roadmap for a Resource-Efficient Europe and the 7th Environment Action Programme. In particular, it will reduce the release of contaminants in the marine environment as foreseen by the Marine Framework Strategy Directive. It will reduce concentrations of man-made synthetic substances as foreseen by the Water Framework Directive.
The following results are then expected:
•    The elimination of biocides, with the avoidance of toxic biocide waste and copper entering the marine environment as a result of hull maintenance activities;
•    Reductions in CO2 emissions up to 19.2 million tonnes CO2 eq. (1 000 times the CO2 emissions per year produced by all the cars in Italy);
•    Savings of up to 112 500 litres of fuel per year for a single vessel of 30-40 metres;

Altri Partner Progetto:

  • Università di Roma Tor Vergata (Coordinator),
  • Università degli Studi Niccolò Cusano (Università Telematica Roma).


Start date october 2016
End date: march 2020