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Quiet Propellers

Financing provider: Eurolink System
Scientific Manager: ing. Tiziano Pagliaroli
Project description
Purpose: The scientific research is aimed at the design of a quiet propeller for medium-size drone application. An experimental study by means of load cell and microphone measurements has been carried out.  First part of the experiment consists in the design e manufacturing of the quiet propellers, three different configurations has been developed by varying the serration geometry. Then, a dynamic characterization of the propellers has been carried out in order to evaluate the serration effect on the thrust generation. Finally, the noise impact have been characterized in the form of directivity patternwhich shows the presence of a “silent cone” where the designed propeller exhibit a lower noise impact.
Results: A lower noise impact can be achieved and the main drawback is a reduction in the thrust force.

Other Partners: Eurolink system
Total Founding: € 8.000,00
Start date: January 2020
End date: March 2020


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Propeller Balancing Activities

Financing provider: Eracle
Scientific Manager: ing. Tiziano Pagliaroli
Project description
Purpose: The scientific activity involves the static and dynamic balancing of propellers.  An unbalanced propeller system can cause annoying vibration and noise that is detectable through testing or even by the flight crew. An innovative procedure has been implemented which involves accelerometers and encoder measurements to evaluate the vibrations intensity and their angular position. The results shows that a sensible reduction of the vibrations can be achieved, such effect also lead to a reduction in the noise generated by the propeller, in particular for the tonal noise component.
Results:The main results is a strong reduction of the vibrations of the entire system.

Total Founding: € 18.000,00
Start date: October 2020
End Date: December 2020


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Interaction Noise

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Title: Interaction Noise
Scientific Manager: ing. Tiziano Pagliaroli
Project description
Purpose: The development of technologies related to transport and surveillance has led to increasing interest in the use of remotely piloted vehicles (drones) in increasingly urbanised areas. In this context, the Interaction Noise research project aims to investigate the aero-acoustic impact inherent in the aerodynamic interaction between several drone rotors. During their operation in a typical flight mission, the rotating parts (the propellers) generate periodic variations in the surrounding air that lead to pressure disturbances and thus generate noise.
An experimental investigation on the evolution and spatial organization of the flow structures in twin-rotors wakes has been carried out using time-resolved PIV (TR-PIV).
Results: Preliminary results denote the flow organization, the full work will include the description of the experiment and a detailed discussion of the flow fields through modal analyses.
Start Date: April 2021


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